We travel places. And find it funny. Usually.

The Takeoff Nap LLC is a travel satire site dedicated to making people chuckle. Not a full-fledged belly laugh, mind you, just a good chuckle. Maybe even the occasional chortle.

Each day we gulp two big helpings of sarcasm with a side of bitterness. We love standing in long rental car lines. Nothing thrills us more than a middle seat flight from BOS to LAX unless, of course, it’s on Spirit Airlines. And, we always book the hotel that’s under construction.

We are from the same people that brought you the CBoardingGroup.com and the BestTravelDrone.com.

We are also a part of the BoardingArea.com network of travel-related blogs, but exclusively focused on travel satire and lampooning all things travel. Nothing you see here is real (or at least it wasn’t when we wrote it).

We are all about the laughs. There’s a good chance we may offend you. Deal with it.

What’s a takeoff nap? Good question. A takeoff nap is that brief respite where you sink into your airplane seat and close your eyes, drifting ever so barely off to sleep through the takeoff and until the plane hits about 10,000 feet. The ding is your alarm clock and a takeoff nap is the business traveler’s power nap.

Did you know satire is a form of protected free speech? Pretty cool, huh. Don’t sue us. Like, for reals. Don’t. It’s waste of time for you. Instead, take your anger to a different corner of the interweb and enjoy your hate buffet.

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