Would you like to write for us? Is your soul as bitter and jaded as the gate agent at DFW’s B21? Can you string two words together? We might be interested.

The Takeoff Nap is currently looking for the snarkiest travel writers around. If you ooze sarcasm, hate middle seats, and have a healthy disdain for those gross Hampton Inn omelets, you might be in the “write” place.

Guest Posts from Travel Bloggers

  • You will receive:
    • A backlink to your main travel blog page
    • And a publishing credit (or you can be anonymous)

Editorial Guidelines

  • ~300 words
  • No photography
  • Snarky headline
  • All things travel with an emphasis on air, hotel, rental car, business travel, leisure travel, vacations,
  • Avoid previously covered content
  • Minor “swearing” ok – keep the “f” words out though
  • We skirt the edge of appropriateness, but we aim to always be Safe For Work (SFW).

Contact us here: Lee at TheTakeoffNap dot com.

Want to join our permanently temporary writing staff?

We occasionally even pay our writers. If you are interested in long term permanently temporary role on our writing staff, hit us up at Lee at TheTakeoffNap dot com.

Don’t Want to Write, but still have a Snarky Headline?

Do you suck at writing? Don’t worry, so do we. Do you just not WANT to write? That’s ok, you can still send us your snarky headline. We might use it. We might not. What do you get in return? Nothing. Precisely nada. Zilch. Not even a shoutout. Ok. Ok. Fine, we will give you credit for the headline if we use it. And we might even link to your Twitter profile. Just email us, or tweet us. Or fax us, if you want. Trust us, we are standing by waiting for your fax.