CHICAGO, IL - Hyatt Place is trialing new ways to discourage guests from smoking marijuana in its hotels. 
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CHICAGO, IL – Hyatt Place is trialing new ways to discourage guests from smoking marijuana in its hotels. 

Marijuana Issue

Many Hyatt Place guests have complained about the substantial stench of marijuana emanating from adjacent hotel rooms. 

“It’s like I’m in there with them.” Gary Thiesen said of his recent stay at the Hyatt Place Houston North location. “Don’t get me wrong, I might be over 40 but I still like to party. It’s just that my kids didn’t love the smell and wondered why we were staying in the ‘skunk’ hotel.”

Despite marijuana remaining illegal recreationally in the majority of states and even medicinally in most states, hotel corridors for the select service chain remain cloudy and pungent. 

“It’s not just an issue that it’s marijuana. All indoor smoking has been outlawed in the city.” Wanda Davis, manager of the Hyatt Place Charlotte Airport said. 

New Method

Managers across the chain have been instructed to remind guests of the $250 cleaning fee will be enforced following a stay where a room has been smoked in. Many in the chain’s leadership have commented that the signs are ineffective. 

“We tried the signs for a month but that did nothing to solve the problem and it was nearly impossible to enforce. That’s when we brought in Ralphie.” Juliet Baker, General Manager of the Hyatt Place Dulles/Chantilly/South Exit added. 

Ralphie is a retired police K-9 the hotel has hired to sit behind the front desk. 

“When guests come in, they see Ralphie and then we explain that some guests smoke pot in the rooms despite the cleaning fee but Ralphie can sniff it out. Lots of guests just walk in, see him and walk right back out.”


Unfortunately, Ralphie only lasted six weeks on the job. “Once guests realized that Ralphie had been retired because he could no longer detect the presence of drugs, activities resumed as normal.” Baker shrugged her shoulders. 

Managers for the brand have anonymously reported online that the issue is one of reputation but that little could be done about the matter. 

“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” Mrs. Baker said before later correcting, “I mean, it’s a serious problem and we continue to explore options. 

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  1. Lol this was really good. I might have written “But the sniffer dog got high af from the persistent smell of weed, and the resulting jump in dog chow costs made for a losing business proposition. However we are pleased to report that the dog has been allowed to retire at a Knights Inn where it can sniff all the weed it wants.” lol. Am I hired or what?

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