LONG BEACH, CA - JetBlue unveiled the next evolution of its now-hostile takeover plans for Spirit Airlines. Under the new move, JetBlue plans to make the Spirit Airlines board actually fly Spirit Airlines.
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LONG BEACH, CA – JetBlue unveiled the next evolution of its now-hostile takeover plans for Spirit Airlines. Under the new move, JetBlue plans to make the Frontier Airlines board actually fly Spirit Airlines.

In the leaked email, JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes instructed his staff to infiltrate the executive administration staff for the Frontier Airlines board and force them to actually fly Spirit Airlines by booking them on a Spirit flight – ideally to or from a Florida airport.

“Like, has the board actually flown on a Spirit flight, before? Yeah, probably not,” Hayes scolded his staff. “Let’s get ’em on an actual flight so they can see just how bizarre it actually is. There’s no way they’d actually still want to merge with Spirit after that.”

Hayes’ postscript on the revised hostile takeover plan also took a shot at Frontier Airlines when he reminded them just how bad the Denver Airport is.

“Hey, don’t forget to tell Spirit Airlines shareholders that Denver is actually a pretty crappy airport. Honestly, do you really want to be delayed in an airport that has a full scale replica of an Aztec ruin? Yeah, no. Oh, and as a reminder, the Denver Airport isn’t actually in Denver, right? It’s in Southern Wyoming, ok!?” Hayes stated in the rambling addendum.

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15 replies on “JetBlue unveils next phase of hostile takeover plan: forcing Frontier board to acutally fly Spirit”

  1. What amateur juveniles @ jetBlue. I have been involved in takeovers but never acted like this. They need to get on with their lives go after another airline.

  2. 😅😅 indigo (frontier owners) used to own Spirit.. they know very well how Spirit is… they created them. Lol

  3. Unbelievable!! It’s really sad how Jet Blue is acting ~ it’s actually very embarrassing for their airline !

  4. Was this a lame attempt at humor? If so please take notice of the reaction *crickets* 🦗

  5. Here’s a novel idea…. how about JetBlue concentrates on JetBlue. Fix your own house first.

  6. Just came from a spirit flight, in which I stopped over in FL. And honestly I don’t know why one would want to flight spirit. #imwithjetblue

  7. Jetblue is serious about Spirit to the detriment of their employees. Also, Denver International has a reputation for being a good airport. DIA is in Denver silly.

  8. How did Hayes get to be CEO of Just Blue? No wonder they are experiencing issues., which need to be resolved
    For his edification,Denver Intl
    Is over 100 mls SE of the WY border, in CO. and is a modern airport.
    Bigger does not always mean, better.

  9. I work in the airline industry and the aquisition of Jetblue buying Spirit will never fly. It’s two different business concepts. Although Spirit is a budget airline , it’s sale strategy and a la carte features will never compete with Jetblue. Frontier is a sister company, same concept, The merger with Frontier makes sense all day long.

  10. I worked for JetBlue for 15 years in Lgb as a mechanic and here in Phx for a Minute before health issues set in at Frontier! Frontier is a JOKE with their aircraft routing and MX program! For a company that’s been around alot longer than B6 they’re QUITE unorganized and I saw that in a short period of time!! Hayes needs to worry about making his company more like it was when David and Dave were running it when crewmembers enjoyed working there! Now it’s just a Paycheck! HE’S an IDIOT! Leaving Lgb was the WORST thing that happened to JetBlue!! Everyone one HATES LAX it’s a SHIT HOLE! Nuff Said “Spaz “

    1. I think this is absolutely hilarious 😂! All of you commenting how embarrassing this is, don’t see what’s really going on. Jetblue does not really want Spirit. Sure they’d take the planes and crews but that’s not what this is really about. A Frontier Spirit merger is bad for the industry period and the first who would feel the effects would be Jetblue (Do you think they really WANT to merge with American of all the carriers here????? Really?) Sure ticket prices would be stupid low because of Spirit-ier but if you think service already sucks on your favorite airline, with this merger it would be non existent. <~Moreso than it already is lol.

      If you hate everything about the Indigo brands then you need to convince Spirit shareholders to consider Jetblues proposal even if Jetblue isn't fully serious…… A bigger Jetblue will always Trump Spirit-ier FOR ALL OF US!

  11. DO NOT FLY FRONTIER, I’ve had nothing but bad experiences. Spirit isn’t much better. although they don’t bait and switch you. I’ve had no problems with Jetblue and will use them again!!

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