LAS VEGAS, NV - One man's hotel hack is really pushing it after he demands resort fees be reimbursed when the property can't produce a notary public.
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LAS VEGAS, NV – One man’s hotel hack is really pushing it after he demands resort fees be reimbursed when the property can’t produce a notary public.

It’s no fun when you check out of a hotel and you’re met with the dreaded resort fee, especially if you hadn’t been expecting it. But what happens when you go to actually use the so-called amenities offered by a hotel, only to find that they’re not available?

On a recent Las Vegas trip, Dillon Curtis decided to put that to the test. Among the resort fee “amenities” offered by his luxury Las Vegas Strip hotel were “property-wide internet, unlimited local and long-distance calling, a coupon book, a notary public for two documents daily, and free bottled water.

Curtis decided to put this Resort Fee to the test. “I’ll admit, I didn’t really need anything notarized, but I figured if I’m paying $45 a day for a service, why not use it?” 

Armed with a stack of papers he printed from the internet under a quick google search of “things you can get notarized” he proceeded to the hotel concierge and said he needed a notary. “Wait, you actually HAVE something to be notarized? Um, I’m not sure we actually even have a notary on-site at the moment, but let me get back to you.”

After about 7-8 minutes of frantic calls back and forth between the front desk, concierge, and back-office staff, the hotel relented and admitted that they didn’t actually have a notary on-site, but would be willing to find one for Curtis. The hotel said that could have someone there in about five hours, but Curtis’ flight was leaving in four.

“Since they couldn’t actually provide me with the service they were charging me for, I told them I needed a refund of the fee for the entire week. I mean, that’s obvious, right?”

“You’ve beat us this time, Mr. Curtis, but rest assured, we’ll make sure we have a notary ready for your next visit to our property!”

As he left the hotel for the taxi stand out front, he turned back towards the concierge desk and noticed a small refrigerator just off to the side. “I’ll just grab one of these cold bottles of water for the road. Thanks for your help.” The concierge stopped him and said “I’m sorry Mr. Curtis, but these are included in the resort fee, for which you have not paid…”

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  1. Actually this could be a nice hack if you were to ever find a hotel that offered the service.
    At least it might be a good reason to see what the resort fee was supposedly covering and see if they didn’t actually offer all the items. I know at the height of Covid, the pools were closed but that was part of the resort fee coverage. No pool? No resort fee payment. 🙂

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