A BASEMENT IN ILLINOIS - The most sought after travel-blogger-themed Halloween costume has been unveiled and it's hitting some folks pretty hard.
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A BASEMENT IN ILLINOIS – The most sought-after travel-blogger-themed Halloween costume has been unveiled and it’s hitting some folks pretty hard. See it here, along with second place finishers from this year’s travel blogger costume contest.

Travel bloggers around the world have revealed the most popular travel-blogger-themed Halloween costume this year. After a lengthy voting process that involved asking literally no one a winner has been determined.

The “Flyertalk Troll” costume comes complete with several important accessories including an e-book on how to hate on bloggers who’ve monetized their blogs and a crippling addiction to porn.

Sadly, it does not include a FlyerTalk account or any ounces of civility.

Flytertalk Troll Costume

Other costumes that made the final round of voting but ultimately didn’t win include:

  • An attendee to the Bilt rewards Caribbean offsite replete with board shorts and sample copy to post to your blog
  • A full-body Amex Credit Card
If You Have 29 Credit Cards, You're Probably a Millennial - WSJ
  • The Points Guy (*Includes powder for nose and a handbook on “Ways to Terminate Employees”)
  • A cheap “The Onion” knockoff costume for an occasionally derided wannabe satire page focused on the travel industry (it’s basically just normal clothes and a pack of nicotine gum)
  • A “Clickbait Headline” – now you can go as your favorite clickbait headline including “Holy Mother of God: This Racist Passengers Actually Did This To a Flight Attendant Who Voted For Trump And Likes People Who Have Racists In Their Families”
  • A TikTok Costume for the aspiring influencers

Happy Halloween readers. Make it a good one. And don’t forget to buy your candy with the appropriate points-maximizing credit card using our link here.

Lee is the brains (but definitely not the looks) of The Takeoff Nap. When he's not complaining about upgrades he runs a few travel blogs, but this one is his favorite.

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