SOMEONE'S MOTHER'S BASEMENT - Tragedy unfolded this week when 3 FlyterTalk readers were forced to read The Takeoff Nap. As the horrific incident unfolded several bystanders (well, just their moms) were shocked at the indecency.
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SOMEONE’S MOTHER’S BASEMENT – Tragedy unfolded this week when 3 FlyterTalk readers were forced to read The Takeoff Nap. As the horrific incident unfolded several bystanders (well, just their moms) were shocked at the indecency.

The Travel Blogging Community is reeling from the events of this week that saw 3 FlyerTalk readers forced to read The Takeoff Nap.

The 3 men shared their experiences in the FlyerTalk forum dedicated to bashing everything the BoardingArea ever does (you know, the forum called “We can’t let go of the past and want it all to be the way it was before everyone else cared about my nerdy miles and points hobby and we are still pissed there are more than 9 travel bloggers”…or something like that).

“This blog is nonsense. Absolute waste of Boarding area space. Time to shovel this $hit to the sidewalk,” said one FlyterTalker whose name has been redacted to protect the single.

Another commenter harumphed to his mom and cats, “How much can I pay to NOT read this garbage on Boarding Area feed?”

Sadly, there is no number you can pay, according to our TTN reporters. Indeed, one of the new rules of the internet is that you HAVE to click on articles from websites you don’t like, read them, and leave a nasty comment. Those are the rules, after all.

One commenter offered this gem, “This whole blog is f-ing stupid. I thought the boarding was for real travel blogs but they allow you to post made up bs crap. I’m almost done with boardingarea bc of this bunch of click bait…”

He later added, “Save the snark dude. You won’t have to worry about me again. It’s obvious that you’re not capable of making meaningful contributions to the flyer community so this is how you get by. It won’t last forever I’m sure.”

Our crack investigative reporter, Shirly Uradoutche, added some additional color on the 3 men. Apparently, their average age is 47, they are single, and live in their mother’s basement. All still fly American Airlines.

And, they are deeply bitter about so many other people getting excited about travel. “These curmudgeons are bitter,” Uradoutche told our editors. “The notion that a travel blogger might try to make some money in this business is simply unacceptable. And if every single blogger on the internet doesn’t exactly conform to their personal views of what bloggers should blog about…wooh…watch out! The ALL CAPS ARE COMING!”

Uradoutche added that one meek FlyerTalk commenter who suggested they just not click on the articles and move on was quickly shot down by the 3 haters who indicated they were being forced to read the articles. Compelled to. It was their duty. They are the travel blogging police, after all. And have lots of time.

For our part, TTN thanks our 3 persistent trolls. Although it’s easy to lose you in the midst of the thousands of happy readers, and hundreds of supportive comments we do appreciate your clicks. No Click Is Wasted!

The post you are reading is…satire. Sort of.

Here is a tiny little snippet of the actual comments & support we’ve received from our readers (thank you!):

Oh my god that’s funny! I was actually crying I was laughing so hard. Thanks!

HAHAHA…I needed a good joke today.

Dang you guys are getting good at sucking me in with these headlines. I’m hoping I can eventually tell when they are fake as I don’t really pay attention to where the piece is coming from. When you do get me I’m maybe have through the article and I just start to think that “this person is a lunatic” or “how can someone be so dumb” and then I see it’s you guys! Keep it up. I need to look who the publishers are.

LOL. Good stuff, with the bomber jacket being the icing on the cake.

LOL! This showed up in my Google Alert and made my head spin. Thanks for the laugh.

You’re crushin’ it! Keep it coming, please.

With satire, it can be a great challenge to hit the mark. Mission accomplished, friend!

Omg, that’s amazing! Thanks for the laugh.

Lolz. Should be an onion article

This is good = and it’s funny because it could be true!

Best piece I’ve read in weeks! I love it, thanks for making my day!

This is hilarious. My husband and I mention this every time we’re there! Dragging our young children to and from terminal B is the WORST. “Mooooom I’m soooo tired!” I honestly weigh this in to my decisions on which airline to fly now. Like is this airfare, award booking, etc “deal” worth flying on an airline other than Delta with our children lol it’s just awful

This is the way. You only think this is satire… this is the way some folks think! If I’m going somewhere I don’t expect to be in the room much, why go high-end for two nights when I can get a week somewhere else? I love the site and stories… just know that this one will probably be all too real to many.

Lee is the brains (but definitely not the looks) of The Takeoff Nap. When he's not complaining about upgrades he runs a few travel blogs, but this one is his favorite.

3 replies on “The horrific moment when 3 FlyerTalk readers are forced to read our website”

  1. I mean, if this was independent, or if it was color coded or something in Boardingarea as satire, that would be helpful. Many of us just want to read through news, and as I’m sure you can tell from reading time, many people click the link, realize it’s satire and click out (aka the definition of clickbait). I’m sure it shows great as it tells BA there are lots of people clicking to your website, but yes, when you’re scanning for news and TTA posts some made up stuff with a (intentionally) misleading headline, it is annoying.

    Now I just have to pay more attention and see who stuff is posted by before clicking, and 99% of the time I avoid it if it’s TTA, though today’s was mildly interesting because I learned I’m not the only one who’s annoyed.

    1. you are the 4th. 🙂

      Joking aside, it is good feedback. I mean it literally has a satire watermark on the image so that should be helpful. And there are some things BA is working on to feature this a little differently for the audience that is genuinely interested in and enjoying it. Good feedback.

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