Overland Park, KS - When one travel blogger shared that she redeemed all of her Hyatt award points at various Hyatt Place hotels around the country, she wasn't prepared for the backlash and shaming from other bloggers.
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Overland Park, KS – When one travel blogger shared that she redeemed all of her Hyatt award points at various Hyatt Place hotels around the country, she wasn’t prepared for the backlash and shaming from other bloggers.

Alyssa Moreno, a 36-year-old wife and mother to four kids, chronicles her family’s adventures on her blog, Morenos On the Go. “Because I accumulate miles and points from credit card rewards, my large family can afford to travel anywhere at a fraction of the cost.”

In a recent post on social media, Moreno admitted that she spent her family’s entire stash of Hyatt points at four Hyatt Place locations in the past year. “We took our kids to Disneyland, New York City, Daytona Beach and San Antonio. Our rooms at each Hyatt Place location had plenty of space for our family of six. Plus, we got free breakfast. We saved thousands of dollars and made epic memories. That’s what miles and points travel is all about!”

Not everyone praised Moreno’s use of points, especially her travel blogger peers. New York City travel blogger and Anna Delvey fan, Katrina Faye, said “Using points at Hyatt Place makes you look poor. What a waste.”

Jackson Tumball, Senior Writer at The Miles Duuude), agrees. “Hyatt Place is so un-sexy. I would never stay at one. Or if I did, I would never admit to it. Moreno should have used her points to stay at a much nicer place, like the Park Hyatt New York. Sure, it would have cost her 80,000 points per night for two rooms to fit her entire family. And, she probably would have run out of points before getting to see the other cities on her list. But I’m sure that even her toddlers would appreciate the nicer digs.”

Despite the criticism, Moreno says she has no regrets blowing all her points at Hyatt Place. “I’d do it all again. One of these days, when my husband and I can manage a weekend getaway without the kids, we will get fancy-like and stay at a nicer Hyatt.”

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7 replies on “Travel blogger admits blowing entire stash of points at Hyatt Place; other bloggers shame the move”

  1. I’m sure those same travel bloggers complaining about how she used her points for family trips would be aghast at having her children staying in their “aspirational” properties. She used her points to give her family travel experiences and to spend time with them. What else are they for? How is this not a worthy use of her points? Ridiculous.

    1. @Babblespeak Thanks for stopping by. This is a satire/fake news site that I hope adds humor to your day. I’m personally a fan of Hyatt Place and have stayed in many with my family, but the brand is not really lauded on most travel blogs.

  2. This is the way. You only think this is satire… this is the way some folks think! If I’m going somewhere I don’t expect to be in the room much, why go high-end for two nights when I can get a week somewhere else?

    I love the site and stories… just know that this one will probably be all too real to many. 🙂

      1. I certainly have! I had a recent aspirational stay at a Hyatt Place somewhere in Kansas. I cannot say for sure because I got lost. Even though I was not greeted as a Globalist, I was not offended. To be fair, I was not greeted at all. Relieved to have arrived, I simply waited on the sofa/breakfast barcalounger. I was famished and the unopened saltines still left in the seat crack was mildly appealing. Imagine my embarrassment as I reached for them and the front desk manager asked if she could help me. I froze as I realised this was the same woman who (whilst smoking outside) said something to me. I scuttled past her in the parking area explaining “I have no change” (in a very muted breath fortunately). She checked me in and explained some of the unique features of the property and my ability to use Hyatt Points for aspirational upgrades – it was quite a nice list. Being famished, I upgraded to the room with the check-in quesadilla. Voicing my selection, I was surprised to see the look on the maid’s face who was passing by with a heap of what appeared to be dirty linens (quite smartly folded, I must say). I speculate they were dirty because she muttered something, threw them on the floor and went behind the door. Flash forward to what could have been only 3:48 later, and my check-in quesadilla and room keys were given to me. I had a nice 2nd floor room next to the lifts and ice machine. I was grateful because I loathe walking halfway down a hallway to the stairs. It’s just one floor so the lift is far easier. After setting in, I smartly chose to use more points on the “Globalist Exclusive Elevator”. For a set period of time, one of the two lifts is reserved exclusively for you. Despite only one actually working, I was told it normally wouldn’t be a problem, but Housekeeping was extremely busy with 2 rooms checking out that day. I didn’t understand until they explained that during “Globalist Exclusivity” the maid will ride the lift and scare off any would be passengers from boarding. Due their higher than normal demand, it was not an option that day. I felt I had been extremely understanding up to that point, but felt this denial was a step too far! I quietly replied “oh” and “thank you”. Having only giving the hotel 4 stars, I felt vindicated but would absolutely stay there again.

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