MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Several Delta Air Lines Medallion members were stunned yesterday when one of their fellow elites visited a Sky Club airport lounge at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport — and boarded his flight without volunteering how special he is.
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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Several Delta Air Lines Medallion members were stunned yesterday when one of their fellow elites visited a Sky Club airport lounge at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport — and boarded his flight without volunteering how special he is.

A business traveler recently shocked nearly everyone in the gate area when he failed to disclose which American Express cards he holds and how long he’s been a “member since” and basically any information about his loyalty status.

The incident took place at gate F5 before a flight to Salt Lake City, another Delta hub.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Delta Diamond Medallion member Cecil Jackson, a hand sanitizer salesman from Provo, Utah. “Could. Not. Believe. It,” he emphasized.

Multiple sources confirm the low-key status holder and lounge guest is Chad Richmond of Robbinsdale, Minnesota. Mr. Jackson said he even spoke to Mr. Richmond at the Delta Sky Club near the F and G concourses.

“I saw him sitting by himself, minding his own business,” noted Mr. Jackson. “So, I decided to join him. I plopped down a couple of seats away. I commented that his briefcase looked lonely without any Medallion status bag tags. I figured he wasn’t elite. Then I pointed to my laptop bag and showed off my Diamond Medallion metal tag. I don’t use the new plastic ones. I also showed him my Million Miler tag. He smiled politely but didn’t really seem to care. Everyone else I show them to really seems interested. People like to hear about my status and all the lounges I visit. They immediately walk away. I think it’s because their minds are blown and they need a minute to compose themselves. They’re so overwhelmed that they never return.”

(Mr. Jackson then spent the next 23 minutes telling this reporter about the flight during which he crossed the Million Miler threshold.)

Peter Wellington, a Delta Platinum Medallion and a scout for the Omaha Mountaineers of the National Pickleball League tried making conversation with Mr. Richmond at gate F5.

“He sat across from me in the gate area while we waited to board. Obviously, he saw my Platinum bag tag and wanted to be near me. But the guy didn’t say anything,” Mr. Wellington said. “Didn’t make eye contact. Nothing. I assumed he was just shy. I mean, my bag is a Tumi and there’s a Platinum Medallion tag on it. That’s like a double-whammy of intimidation.

“I simply said, ‘Sir, I’m a Delta Platinum Medallion. I enjoyed some time in the Delta Sky Club and was served complimentary cocktails. Unfortunately, there’s no Amex — that stands for ‘American Express’ — Centurion Lounge here. Those are the best airport lounges. At least, domestically. That means, ‘here in the United States.’ Let me start off by saying that, no, I’m not that much better than you. So, are there any questions you’d like to ask me? Like, what are the perks of status? How did I get this level of elite status? What are the upgrades like?

“He kind of gave me a blank look then said, ‘No, I’m good.’ I thought, wow, that’s rude. How do normies get away talking to us status holders like that? Who do they think they are?

But when boarding started, that’s when both Misters Jackson and Wellington learned their fellow passenger was no “normie.”

While shuffling along in the Sky Priority lane and one-upping each other about inaugural flights, lounge visits, and Woodford Reserve-induced blackouts, they overheard the gate agent say, “thank you for your Diamond Medallion status, Mister Richmond” to Mr. Richmond.

“‘He’s a (freaking) Diamond?’ I blurted out,” said Mr. Jackson. “And he didn’t tell anyone? The lounges and gate areas are such target-rich locations to inform everyone about your status.”

“Upgrades and special treatment are awesome,” Mr. Wellington said. “But you gotta tell people you hold status. That is one of the best perks. Most people roll their eyes and look annoyed when you do. But I think they’re just frustrated they don’t have status. I feel sorry for them.”

The flight to Salt Lake City operated without incident.

Mr. Jackson said he vented about the situation to the DDMT Facebook group. He said many in the group were just as flabbergasted as he.

Mr. Wellington asked what “DDMT” stands for. (It’s “Delta Diamond Medallion Travelers.”) Mr. Jackson snickered, “Of course, you don’t know. You’re just a Platinum,” and refused to divulge any information about the Facebook group.

“I think it’s refreshing to not hear someone brag about their airline status,” said non-elite passenger Cindy Ellefson. “I mean, good for you if you have, like, Delta Bronze status. But the plane gets the peasants there at the same time as the special people. Calm down. “

Mr. Jackson overheard this remark and quickly pointed out to Ms. Ellefson that Delta doesn’t have a Bronze level. Only Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

She politely said she needed to catch a connecting flight. Sources confirm Salt Lake City was her final destination.

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  1. Great satire. Next time include a quip about “The Masters of the Universe” that feel compelled to have a Facetime or ear buds conversation at full blast. It is important for these clowns to show how important they are.

    1. I’m no tech wiz. But maybe perform a search for “this nonsense” in your feed reader and create a filter for that search term. Then any posts with the phrase “this nonsense” shouldn’t appear in your feed.

      Please let us know if this works!

  2. What a pathetic article. Just makes the people trying to brag look like the kind of people you don’t want to socialize with.

  3. Finding a person like Mr. Richmond is like sighting a rare bird; people wonder if they really exist. I loved it!

  4. As a lifelong Silver Medallion member and Home Depot Nuclear Palladium Mastercard holder I find this article refreshing to say the least.

    Just the other day I got Diamond Medallion luggage tags by mistake but I refuse to use them because I’m not a swag poser!

  5. Oh they do exist! My brother in law is one of those who is constantly bragging. His wife (gifted status) is always saying how much better they are treated during IRROPS. Wonderful AA! Meanwhile we fly on awards always in premium cabins on international carriers with very little miles from flying. The wife thinks we fly in coach….

  6. This is great fun. I may have an explanation tho; we Minnesotans are the original tribe of ‘what you see is what you get’. We don’t speculate on others’ status in life … we couldn’t care less about someone’s opinion of us. Well, there are those who scrutinize the neighbor’s landscaping and critique their housekeeping, but those folks don’t fly much. I left Minneapolis when I was 23, but that part of Minnesota stays with you forever. I really enjoyed this post and I thank you.

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