SOMEWHERE OVER KANSAS - Flight Attendant Samantha Wilder is seriously considering going full "Will Smith" on an incredibly annoying passenger in Seat 1A.
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KANSAS CITY, KS – Flight Attendant Samantha Wilder is seriously considering going full “Will Smith” on the incredibly annoying passenger in Seat 1A.

Traveling during the pandemic era is something most flight attendants probably wish they could forget. From having to wear masks all day to babysitting whiny passengers to breaking up fights, the job of a flight attendant isn’t as sexy as the recruiting poster said it was.

That is certainly the case for 34-year-old Delta Airlines flight attendant Samantha Wilder who, at this point, is seriously considering slapping the “Chris Rock” out of a passenger on her Seattle-bound flight.

The male passenger, bedecked in a #FJB hat, has been flaunting the mask rules since boarding. Conveniently, his mask just happens to fall off his nose repeatedly and once drinks and snacks were served it was off more or less permanently as the man slowly ate one pretzel at a time.

The man has asked for 13 refills of Vodka tonic and has started to get a little belligerent with the crew and fellow passengers. Not enough to divert the flight, per se, but enough to be an annoying little shit.

Knowing full well the consequences of such an action, Wilder is currently thinking the “juice is worth the squeeze here. Besides, United Airlines is hiring and they have union…so that’s not bad.”

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  1. Funny piece but you could have left the rude language out of it and still got the point across.

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