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LISBON, PORTUGAL – The TAP Portugal representative who attended the recent Freddie Awards in New Orleans, LA is still recovering from her grueling multi-award-winning jaunts back up to the award stage after the vaunted European airline won literally every international award up for grabs.

38-year-old Anabela Ferreira, the TAP Portugal employee sent to the United States to attend the 31st Annual Freddie Awards, is still recovering from her company’s multi-award winning event.

As the airline swept every single category it was entered in, including the best programme of the year category, Ferreira was forced to walk up to the stage to accept the award multiple times.

Reportedly, Ferriera had not stretched all that well before the event, assuming that TAP might win one or two awards. Accordingly, she was caught a little unprepared as the airline swept all categories, winning award after award after award.

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Freddie Awards 2022 Winners

After requiring wheelchair assistance on her return flight to Portugal, Ferriera was forced to take 45 days of sick leave to recover from injuries suffered during the multiple jaunts up to the stage. Her doctor said she’d walked the equivalent of 3 marathons during the ceremony.

For its part, TAP Portugal did admit some irritation at not winning anything in the Hotel Categories and vowed to do better next year.

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4 replies on “TAP Portugal rep is still pretty fricking exhausted after winning literally everything at Freddie Awards”

  1. So I guess that means Freddie awards (never heard of them) are an absolute joke. Tap has terrible customer service.

  2. F*** TAP.. They can pay for freddie awards but cant pay their obligations. I took them to court and they agreed to pay compensation. They never paid agreed settlement. This was pre-covid. Even with new ceo, emailing her was useless. So, F*** Tap.

  3. How did they win an award for customer service??
    I know someone who has spent literally hundreds of hours waiting on the phone with them in the past year or so. Did they create this award ceremony for themselves?

  4. TAP is the WORSE Airline I have ever flown with! Must have been the same Biden voters. Spent 7 days in Italy, back in the US, still haven’t seen our luggage.

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