LAS VEGAS, NV - The world's leading travel satire site (us...) was recently named to the Top 100 Best Satire websites list and we are stunned as you are.
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LAS VEGAS, NV – The world’s leading travel satire site (us…) was recently named to the Top 100 Best Satire websites list and we are stunned as you are. Stunned that there is such a list. Stunned that we made it. Stunned that people actually read our site. Stunned we haven’t been sued yet. Stunned that American Airlines is still in business.

Despite the frequent and vociferous protestations of 7 readers from FlyerTalk (we know who you are) who continue to increase our page views ($$) and then leave a jaded nasty comment, our little travel satire startup was named to the 100 Best Satire websites/blogs on the Internet. A list that we added ourselves to…

Coming in at a healthy 47th place we barely edged out Torn Wires and narrowly lost to Renegade News.

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The “best Satire blog list is curated from thousands of blogs on the web and ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness,” or at least that’s what it says on the Feedspot website. So, that’s cool. Satire and humor are great and we love to see so many other folks doing it (and some doing it well, present company excluded).

Y’all know who number one is though, right? Yup, it’s The Onion, of course. But, for our money, we love to see sites like The Duffel Blog up there (#10) and we were super disappointed not to see The Reductress.

We love to travel. We love snarky, satirical stuff. And we love to write. So we’ve had a blast doing this and joking aside we’ve enjoyed ourselves and so many of you have enjoyed it too…and told us. It’s incredibly humorous to fool someone who thinks a piece is real and that happens more often than you might think.

We’d like to take this opportunity to not thank the hundreds of thousands of folks who’ve stopped by to read our content, the ones who encouraged us, our writers, Feedspot, our mom, the janitor from our high school, the lady still wearing a facemask at the Orlando Airport, Randy and team, the gate agent at DFW’s A13 and yes, even those 7 jaded readers who still live in the basement of their mom’s house. We love you too. Well, not really, but we are deeply amused by you. Thanks for nothing, everyone.

Keep your tongues firmly in your cheek, your facemasks in your Tumi, your unshoed feet off the bulkhead, and your clicks on our content. Or not. And definitely don’t travel to Amsterdam right now.

Lee is the brains (but definitely not the looks) of The Takeoff Nap. When he's not complaining about upgrades he runs a few travel blogs, but this one is his favorite.

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  1. Now it’s just a question of how to achieve a Skytrax 5 star travel blog rating. Maybe offer some upgrade that will supposedly take effect in a couple of years.

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